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Centre for Speech, Language, and the Brain (CSLB)

Department of Psychology

Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation

Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation Understanding spoken language involves a set of complex processes that continuously transform the auditory input into a meaningful interpretation. When we hear spoken language, our percept is not of acoustic-phonetic detail...

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Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Language Functions

Recent studies of spoken language in healthy populations The central goal of our spoken language research is to develop an account of the neurobiology of language. Our work with healthy volunteers forms the basis for our theoretical model. Spoken language is underpinned by two distinct neural...

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From Perception to Conception

Introduction How is meaning represented and processed in the brain? To address this fundamental question, we develop cognitive models of conceptual knowledge, based on semantic feature statistics, and use these models to investigate how conceptual knowledge is processed. Through combining cognitive...

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The Neurocognition of Healthy Ageing

Introduction Cognitive ageing is a developmental process involving the interaction of lifelong cognitive experience and gradual neural change, resulting in a varied landscape of age-related cognitive declines and age-related adaptations that help preserve cognitive function. Research on cognitive...

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Research Opportunities

The CSLB is an interdisciplinary research group within the Department of Psychology . The Centre has excellent experimental and computing facilities, and researchers collaborate with scientists in the Department of Psychiatry , the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit , and the Wolfson Brain...

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Research Funding for potential Postdocs and Postgrads

Funding for postdocs UK and EU University of Cambridge College Research Fellowships The Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowships (UK) Marie Curie Fellowships (EU) Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (EU) Royal Society University Research Fellowship (EU) Overseas (outside EU) National Academy of...

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