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CSLB @ CNS 2017!

last modified Mar 22, 2017 02:05 PM

CSLB members Barry Devereux and Alex Clarke will be amongst those presenting at this years Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting in San Francisco.

Alex Clarke will be chairing and speaking in a symposium on Sunday 26th March called ‘Multivariate approaches for neural dynamics: It’s about time’. His talk will be bringing together MEG data, RSA and cognitive models to understand how we access meaning from our senses.

Barry Devereux will be presenting a poster on Tuesday 28th March titled ‘The spatio-temporal dynamics of language processing: combining computational linguistics and RSA with MEG data’. This work bring together MEG and multivariate methods, and shows how specific lexical knowledge about verbs – modelled using corpus data – interacts with complex syntactic processing during spoken language comprehension, yielding a detailed picture of processes of incremental integration in sentence processing.

Capturing the visual and semantic properties of objects using DNNs. (BioRxiv, 2018)

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